2016 Cats
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This painting is of a wandering cat; originally a barn cat, who has adopted a beautiful family.  They named him Yellow Cat.  He has been coming and going from their backyard for a long time. He is somewhat tame with the female of the household but still a bit shy and wary towards other people.

When I began painting Yellow Cat I thought about his life and how he has managed to thrive and be loved again.

I hope you enjoy the painting and this story, written for cats, but applicable to all of us.

How to THRIVE  – from the Sweeney Cat Handbook

In rapidly changing economic times your family lost their home and moved away leaving you to fend for yourself.  World news continues to worsen, you’ve lost your home, your warm bed, and your loved ones.

What can you do?


Lick your cold paws, put on an air of dignity, and think –  do NOT panic.

You live in interesting times.  Take Advantage of it! Just think and map out a strategy.

List scary “what if” questions that are your fears.

Are they real? They won’t go away until you face them BUT they don’t need to rule your life


R – Regain

Regain control of your mind set. Stop the ‘gee, ain’t it awful thinking’ as you stare at the backdoor that is not opening for you to run through.

Find the positive in your situation and regain control over your fears and frustrations.

Most important:

regain control over your surroundings, your life and how you think about getting fed.

I – Investigate

Check out your neighborhood – what is going on there?  Explore each backyard with a positive, investigative mindset.

Think about how each homeowner’s family might affect your future.


You are beginning to THRIVE !

V  – Victory

Expect Victory.  Expect to find a new warm bed. Plan to head-butt a family you love and who will love you back with warm food and loving strokes.

Don’t make it all about food – but keep in mind people love to feed stray cats so take advantage of that even though you are not “stray”, you must admit you are wandering.  Victory cannot come without acceptance that things may never be the same again; you will have to make new friends and learn to trust again.


Accept that things have changed for you but don’t allow the loss to be overwhelming. Remind yourself that true enjoyment cannot happen in a negative bubble.  You are, for the most part, a positive critter finding enjoyment in little things like watching humming birds bathe in the waterfall of a KOI pond.  As you sit by that KOI pond you may not realize that your new human love-squeeze is watching from the kitchen window….relax you’ve mastered the lesson:

Thrive……Not just stay alive….Thrive …

Yellow Cat

Yellow Cat

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