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Romance In Marriage

Today’s post is a collage using Anne Bradstreet’s poem “To My Dear And Loving Husband”.  I tore it from a poetry book that I had given to my own husband on our first anniversary.  Please note my hand written note to him.  Poor guy, he has been getting sappy stuff like this every year since!  It’s called romance – and he loves it!

Keeping the romance in a marriage is very good for the spirit, doesn’t have to cost a lot, creates staying power, and is what memories are made of.

06 June bride's poem

Collage: Watercolor, colored pencil, a real rhinestone ring, a page torn from

‘A Little Treasury of Love Poems’ by Cary Wilkins

Can  you spot the design error I made?

Thanks for sharing the romantic, wedding month of June with Sweeney Art Center.

Next month is July:  Americana

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