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Marriage Traditions

There are many wedding traditions; from the white dress to the honeymoon. Some fun wedding traditions that I found to share with you: Jumping the Broom This tradition is said to have originated with an African ritual in which a broom is used to demonstrate that all past problems have been swept away. Tying the Knot In some African tribes, the bride and groom have their wrists tied together with cloth or braided grass to represent their marriage. Tying Tin Cans to the Back of the Marriage Car Historically this was done to scare away evil spirits so the bride and groom could get a clean start at life together. Over time the wedding party had fun tying empty tin cans and tin buckets to the get-away-car so it would make tons of noise and everyone in town would look. Of course there is always the attached “Just Married” sign to be sure that everyone gets the picture! Just Married

A June Bride

I love June weddings, although I realize many women today are planning their weddings to be held in months other than June. Some months are better for honeymoon travel discounts, while other months coincide more closely with vacations or family reunions dates. In whatever month a young woman marries; when she walks down the aisle she is most certainly going to be a “beautiful bride”. Please enjoy my depiction of a young, beautiful bride as we celebrate June –  the month of weddings and everlasting marriage. Watercolor with colored pencil