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Tote Your Pup

Thanks so much to a good follower who commissioned me to paint her friend’s two dogs, Daisy and Fenway.  I’m sharing that painting with you today as a reminder that your pets on one of my Tote Bags can be a real conversation starter PLUS you can be reminded of your fur babies no matter where you go.  Totes come in several sizes….check them out at my on-line store  

New Friends

Georgetown Animal Shelter had the annual fund raiser this weekend, hosting with wine and chocolate and lots of wonderful art work by our local talent. The shelter animals were featured on a video which inspired me to paint my idea of what life might be like for a new kitten in the shelter. New Friends Watercolor & Ink Click To Enlarge

2014 Christmas Gifts

Christmas 2014 found 4 friends receiving my original art work of their beloved pets and in one case their beloved country lane.  All were painted with great joy and love.  Enjoy!   “Charlie”.   Colored Pencil and Watercolor. Click photo to enlarge. ——————————————————————————————————————– “Georgia In The Bluebonnets”.  Water color and ink. Click to enlarge. ———————————————————————————————————————- “Blakeslee Lane”.  Idaho. Autumn Scene. Watercolor and ink. Click to enlarge photo. “Under The Fig Tree”. Kaity’s Georgie.  Watercolor and Ink.  Click photo to enlarge.