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Welcome to Sweeney Art Center

The Sweeney Art Center is open to the public.  As you walk with us you will learn new ways to see our great world, through the eye of an artist.

Please share your art work or creation stories here at any time.  We love company!

Come on in…the dance has begun !

Watercolor, pencil and ink

Watercolor, pencil and ink


  1. Ginger Sanford says

    Kathy, I loved this website, it is so cool and I can relate to most of them. You have done such a good job with your art as always. Makes me want to try, I thought start with charco then see what happens. The dancer reminds me of those statues of ballerinas that mom bot you and I I think I had pink and you blue, this pic looks just like them. And the horses are great, you did so good with all the pictures. Keep them coming.

  2. Thank you Ginger! How good your comment makes me feel. June is Sweeneyartcenter wedding month so watch for some fun and colorful stuff!

    • Ginger says

      I love the wit and humor you add to your pictures. You always had a great way of wording things as far as finding some fun – besides seriousness in things.

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