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A Springtime Flower That Is Fun To Paint

Texas Bluebonnets aka Lupinus texensis Hook, Texas lupine, Buffalo clover, Wolf-flower Fabaceae (Pea Family)
The Texas bluebonnet has larger, more sharply pointed leaves and more numerous flower heads than similar lupines. Light-green, velvety, leaves (usually five leaflets) are born from branching. Stems can be 6-18 inches. These stems are topped by clusters of up to 50 fragrant, blue, pea-like flowers. The tip of the cluster is conspicuously white.
This wild flower is the Texas State flower and while it does go by many names, I like to hear it shouted out when drivers spot it from the roadways “Bluebonnets!! Over there!!”
After the Bluebonnet spotting, the cars pull over one by one and children, animals, lovers and families take turns to have their photos taken in the bright blue fields; a classic photo for a truly lasting memory.
Ah, a spring time delight that I love to paint. Please enjoy a bluebonnet moment with me.  8 30 2014 Class results of Bluebonnets

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