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Orange Poppies On Parade

The Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown Texas is always a huge hit and this weekend’s event did not disappoint. There were fun events, good food and lots of arts and crafts to purchase. Coming home from the city square my neighbor’s yard caught my eye. There, in orange/yellow brilliance were poppies of another sort competing with the Red Poppies scattered through the county. I couldn’t resist…I HAD to paint them! Orange Poppies On Parade Click To Enlarge

Remembering – 100th Anniversary of 20th Century Armenian Genocide

This week a friend asked me to create a sympathy card for him to give to a friend who had lost her father, a “sort of” believer. My friend commented that the one I painted for a mutual friend, who lost his sister, would be perfect. In fact he wanted the card to be “just like that one”. Hum. I have never been challenged with creating a duplicate of one of my paintings. I accepted that challenge and both I and my customer were very pleased. The name of the painting, shown below, is “Coming Home”. Please click on it to enlarge. The scene is from a photograph a friend sent me when she traveled through the Armenian Quarter of Old Jerusalem. Today, April 24, is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Muslim Ottoman Empire in Turkey. 1.5 million Christian Armenians were killed by the Turks during the first genocide of the 20th century in this horrific Ottoman caliphate. Chillingly these long ago Christians were told, ‘If you embrace …

Blog Abandonment

I surmise that if abandoning your blog posting activities were illegal the punishment would be 30 days of continuous Burl Ives music interrupted every so often with Janet Napolitano singing “Homegrown Fantasy”. Thankfully, it is not illegal but it is rather rude, and I apologize to my loyal visitors. However, there are many reasons, often called excuses, for my inability to paint and post. Namely, I fell victim to life; my personal problems, those of the world (which are way more than mine) and the constant whining of news reporters wanting me to think one way or the other. Each news reporter has mandatory “News Flash” need for my eye balls. Their corrupt reporting and poor journalism ethics just simply over whelmed me. I could no longer see the beautiful in life, which is such a necessity for my art work. But a few prayers and a new paint brush or two have helped me work out my victimization of immoral media overload and see much clearer that the world needs my artwork and this …